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Railhead Espresso
Railhead Espresso

Railhead Espresso


Named in honor of the train tracks directly beside our building, our house espresso blend is made with a rotating selection of coffees chosen for freshness and cup quality. Each batch is individually roasted and blended to create a sweet and balanced espresso.

Our current selection is a blend of medium-roasted Colombia Peebies for body and light-roasted Condado Brazil for those tart/sweet/bright notes.

It’s formulated for espresso but balanced enough for drip or your other preferred brewing method.

Peebies (60%)

Origin: Colombia
Region: Tolima, Huila 
Variety: Caturra (peaberry) 
Altitude: 1430 masl 
Process: Washed, sun-dried

Condado (40%)

Origin: Brazil
Region: Mantiqueira de Minas
Variety: Mundo Novo 
Altitude: 850-1100 masl 
Process: Pulp Natural