Rwanda Inzovu


This community peaberry coffee, known as Inzovu, comes from 65 washing stations and more than 80,000 farmers across Rwanda. This annual offering from Rwanda Trading Company exemplifies the organization’s ability to provide a consistent profile from year to year in a spirit of collaboration. This community blend was wet processed and sun-dried on raised tables for a period of 15-20 days, resulting in a clean, balanced cup. Rwanda Trading Company was established in 2009 as a vehicle for positive social impact. The group has displayed a consistent commitment to securing economic freedom and security for smallholder farmers by building resilient,
transparent supply chains. RTC owns and operates sixteen wet milling stations and works directly with farmers throughout Rwanda – buying, milling, processing and marketing their coffees – while investing in producing communities through agribusiness training programs. Since 2013, these programs, which focus on cultivation innovation and reducing costs of production, have resulted in an 86 percent increase in farm revenue for RTC’s producer partners. It’s a highly collaborative effort, which fuels sustainable economic stability from the ground up.

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