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House Roast - Colombia Peebies
House Roast - Colombia Peebies

House Roast - Colombia Peebies


The goal of our flagship House Roast really is to provide something for everybody: a balanced medium roast bold enough for a morning jolt or afternoon pick-me-up, but still nuanced enough to be savored anytime.

For this workhorse roast, as well as our French Roast, we’ve sourced a workhorse coffee in Colombia Peebies. "Peebies" is short for "peaberries," and this particular peaberry lot comes from several small farms in western-central Colombia's Tolima and Huila regions. We’ve been consistently impressed with the fruity, nutty sweetness of this versatile coffee, and it’s helped make House Roast our best-seller.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Tolima, Huila 
Variety: Caturra (peaberry) 
Altitude: 1430 masl 
Process: Washed, sun-dried
Key Flavors: Pear, Almond, Coconut, Lemon