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Nectar-Process Dota Tarrazú
Nectar-Process Dota Tarrazú

Nectar-Process Dota Tarrazú


This exceptionally bright and juicy Costa Rican single-origin has been one of our most exciting limited releases of 2018, and it won’t be available much longer!

As the name implies, Tarrazu Nectar is distinguished by the use of low-water "nectar" processing. At peak growing season, when the coffee cherries are at their sweetest and fruitiest, the green coffee beans are allowed to sun-dry before all of the fruit pulp is removed. The fermentation of that pulp imparts a winey sweetness and complexity to this coffee, which we then emphasize by roasting it light.

Origin: Costa Rica

Region: Dota, Tarrazú

Variety: Red & Yellow Arabica Catuai

Altitude: 1200-1700 masl

Process: Nectar

Key Flavors: White Grape, Cinnamon, Honey