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Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter


This mysterious, ever-evolving, limited-release house roast might be a premium single-origin one month and an experiment in barrel-aging or fermentation the next. The one thing you can count on is deliciousness!

UPDATED 6/18/18

Barrel-Aged Condado Brazil (Medium Roast)
A collaboration with Wise Man Brewing, this coffee has been aged four weeks in Cruzan rum barrels before roasting.
In the cup, bold smoky and earthy flavors give way to delicate notes of prune and vanilla.
ORIGIN: Brazil
REGION: Mantiqueira de Minas
VARIETY: Catuaí, Acaiá, Mundo Novo, Acauã
ALTITUDE: 850-1100 masl 
PROCESS: natural, semi-washed
HARVEST: May-August